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  • (08-15-2011) I'm still alive, Tracy as well, in fact I just lunched with her last month, she has recorded some killer tunes that will be released soon and she said she's in the process of writing a whole lot more. Unfortunately she does not play live these days due to an injury to her arm (hands, wrists, arms, kind of important for a guitar hero). Recover quickly Tracy, we miss you a lot! By the way, you can find a Tracy Conover fan page on Facebook now.

  • (11-15-2008) Photo of the Big Easy show in the gallery section.

  • (09-13-2008) Go see the latest page in the picture gallery to learn what happened to the Balinese Room in Galveston and to read some news about Tracy Conover.

  • (09-01-2008) Photos and review from the Freeport show added.

  • (06-28-2008) Tracy is currently working hard in studio to put together a new CD, so don't expect very many live shows for now. Hopefully she'll be back playing live for us soon!

  • (05-01-2008) Photos from the Dallas International Guitar Show added!

  • (03-02-2008) New pictures of Tracy Conover live from Dallas at the Granada Theater with Chris Duarte, and also from Dan Electros last Saturday, go to the photo section.

  • (01-17-2008) New pictures of Tracy Conover, Carolyn Wonderland, Vince Converse and more from Dan Electro's show last weekend, go to the photo section.

  • (09-07-2007) I saw Tracy last weekend in Freeport.More details and pictures in the photo section.

  • (07-23-2007)
    Save the USA! Support Ron Paul! (09-07-2007)

  • (06-08-2007) This Friday I went to see Tracy Conover play at Poodie's bar in Spicewood, TX, again. It was awesome. I have a bunch of new pics and a summary of her performance in the picture gallery section.

  • (04-18-2007) Tracy's official site is currently not up to date regarding concert dates (a new site will be lauched soon), so check out her Myspace site for all the tour dates infos. Thanks!

  • (03-22-2007) *** New Songs *** Some brand new studio songs are now offered on Tracy's Myspace site: "Stone Angel" and "Make Me Cry". For those who didn't see Tracy Conover live recently, this will be new to you; they are so new, they are not even on her new CD that just came out!

  • (03-09-2007) New pictures of Tracy in the photo section, from Antone's in Austin, featuring a special guitar

  • (03-02-2007) I saw Tracy this Friday March 2nd at the Balinese Room in Galveston, I have a bunch of pictures for you in the picture gallery section of this site. I should have more pictures from previous shows pretty soon as well, please come back!

  • (02-11-2007) Tracy's live album is now available in japan, here's how it looks like. They used a picture I took! They are offered by

  • Tracy played in Austin last weekend, Check the picture section. (02-07-2006)

  • I have some new pictures from last night in College Station where Tracy Conover played a great show. And Guess what? The new album is now available! Buy it next time you see her live or order it through CDbaby (see for that) (12-17-2006)

  • This site mentions Tracy conover and offers some mp3's including a song I never heard before: Long Pink Lincoln: (12-16-2006)

  • Tracy opened for Chris Duarte in Houston this Friday, I couldn't make it but I have some picture of Duarte live in Dallas if you're interested, just go to the picture section. (11-06-2006)

  • Tracy played at the Apache Pass this Saturday, Check the picture section. (10-01-2006)

  • A new set of fresh Tracy Conover photos from Poodie's on August 26th is waiting for you in the photo section. (09-03-2006)

  • Tracy will be busy in August and September, and her fans in Austin will have almost all the fun. Many new dates are announced (07-25-2006)

  • Tracy played with her new side project "RED SPADE" last night at the Saxon Pub in Austin, TX. See pictures and a review of their first show ever in the picture section! (07-02-2006)

  • A show review and a bunch of pictures are available from June 16, 2006, Tracy was on Fire at the balinese.. (06-16-2006)

  • A new set of pictures from Austin available. Also check out the new mp3 in the news section. (06-02-2006)

  • A couple of new concert dates added, including the Grand Prix of Houston! (04-11-2006)

  • Live concerts schedule updated. (03-30-2006)

  • 18 new Tracy Conover photos from last weekend added. Tour dates updated again. (03-23-2006)

  • New Tour Dates! (03-13-2006)

  • Apparently Tracy's show in Nashville yesterday went pretty well with Charlie on drums and first-timer Robert Kerns on bass. Tracy will be doing a guest appearance tonight with another band playing in Nashville. If you have pictures of those events, please send them in by e-mail so I can put them on the site! (03-07-2006).

  • If you want to hear a very COOL & rare Tracy Conover tune, you can download her superb version of "help me thru the day" from Walmart's website for only $0.88! You can even hear a short clip of it. Now come on! It's cheaper than a Coke; download it now, this song is so great: Tracy Conover: Help me thru the day". Some never seen before pictures from 2003 are now available in the photo section. (3.5.2006)

  • Tracy Conover pictures from yesterday's show at the Balinese Room in Galveston are now available in the photo section. Tracy will perform for a special showcase in Nashville, TN on March 7th which could become very important for her future so let's wish her good luck, even though you don't need luck when you are such a talented artist! (2.26.2006).

  • Tracy Conover's newest song "Iron Horse" can be heard for free at Tracy's new "Myspace" site (see the link section). A couple of new show dates are announced From Louisiana to San Antonio, from Galveston to Austin and College Station Tracy will be all over the place! (02-18-2006)

  • Tracy Conover photos: New Dallas photos available. (02-15-2006)

  • Review and pictures of the Dallas show yesterday now included in the photo section. A few tour dates are added. Quick update of the news section (hints about the new album). (02-05-2006)

  • Big update today. First visit the photo gallery to see the latest pictures from her January 20, 2006 show at Poodie's Hilltop. You'll also find a new picture page featuring photos taken from various newspapers in the 90's. Finally a new section has been created and it includes quotes and comments about Tracy from various sources. (01-20-2006)

  • A bunch of new tour dates are now announced, see the upcoming concerts section. (01-02-2006)

  • New Tracy Conover pictures of the December 17, 2005 show added in the photo section. Tracy played at Poodie's and she performed with Todd Potter (from Bubble Puppy) and George Rarey. More tour dates announced.

  • New pictures of the Spicewood, Texas 11.26.2005 just added in the photo section.+ more tour dates

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    August 13, 2011

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