Who was influenced by Roy Buchanan?

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  • I was a blues fan but I was an all-around music fan. For me it was Leadbelly through B.B. King and later Eric Clapton, Roy Buchanan, Jeff Beck, Eddie Van Halen and anyone you care to mention. (Dave Gilmour, Pink Floyd)

  • Roy Buchanan was a huge influence and was the guy who made me want to get a Telecaster, which I did! Then I got totally into the blues. (James Pennebaker)

  • By my standards, he was a little bit looser about performance than I was comfortable with. But I guess when you could play guitar with the facility that he could, there didn't seem to be much need for advance planning (...) I wasn't mistreated by Roy in any way, and remain grateful to him for the opportunity he gave me. Sadly, Roy was usually too consumed with his own demons to think or care much about how to lead a band (...) Roy was not a strong singer, but he was unmistakably sincere and credible. Somebody thought that that wasn't enough, so they brought me in. (Billy Price, relating his experience as a vocalist for Roy Buchanan)

  • Oh, yeah I have heard that, with the Shadows. So him, and then just alot of people. And then really, Ritchie Havens was a big pal of ours years ago when we met in the Ď60s. I learned alot of his different tunings and different styles, acoustically. Donovan as well with finger picking. Donovan always used silk and steel strings. I always keep one guitar with silk and steel on it for real nice finger picking. That always works well. And Roy Buchanan. I think heís no longer with us actually. (Justin Hayward, Moody Blues)

  • Roy Buchanan was of course a huge influence. (Jim Weider)

  • My influences are so vast. Iím influenced by so many people, and a lot of Tele players. Iím a fan of Don Rich, Danny Gatton, Roy Buchanan. Plus, Iím a big fan of Johnny Winter, Jeff Beck, Freddie King, Albert King, B.B.King, Albert Collins. (Popa Chubby)

  • Roy Buchanan was a very big influence, long before I ever knew his name. His first recording was "My Babe" by Dale Hawkins in 1958, which was the year I bought it. But it took me 14 years to figure out it was Buchanan on it! A really big influence on me was an instrumental: "Potato Peeler" by Bobby Gregg and His Friends (í62). I bought it when it came out but had no idea who the guitar player was until the early í70s. By í62 he was in his early 20s, and his style was completely developed. (Robert Quine)

  • Roy Buchanan is pretty obvious; his first 2 albums especially. It seemed like he came from a real working musician background. Thereís another good example about what we talked about earlier. Buchanan didnít really get on the map until he was 30. Danny Gatton took awhile as well. Roy seemed like the sorta guy who had to be able to play Misty along with a lot of other thing since he was a real working guy. I enjoyed his first couple albums because he did a little bit of everything. I still think heís one of the most underrated electric guitarists of the century. He started a lot of innovative things with the false harmonics and volume swells. I always think he did as much innovation as Hendrix, perhaps he just wasnít as flamboyant and didnít have the song thing going on that Hendrix had. A lot of people might think of him as a bar band blues guy or something. Later on, he would go out with pickup bands and do Walk Donít Run or Green Onions. I saw Roy about 25 times and one time I saw him do Nightlife by Willie Nelson that was unbelievable! Heíd do stuff you wouldnít necessarily expect and that's one thing I loved about him. (Jim Campilongo)

  • Roy Buchanan was a huge influence. (Steve Kimock)

  • My interest in The Exorcist tale gradually escalated during the 1992 to 1996 time period. Most of my spare hours were spent during those years conducting research for my book Capitol Rock (Riverdale: Fort Center Books, 1997). Consequently, for a lengthy chapter on blues-rock guitar great Roy Buchanan, I spent a great deal of time canvassing the city of Mount Rainier, Maryland,a smallish working-class community of approximately 8,000 residents quietly tucked away in Victorian homes and bungalows on the D.C. line. The town was known for two things: the home of the great Roy Buchanan and the alleged site of the story behind The Exorcist. (strangemag.com)

  • My last guitar is a Custom Shop Tele American Classic, which is like an American Standard with better woods. It has three Seymour Duncan pickups in it as well. It is a love of Roy Buchanan and Danny Gatton that made me get it. (Seth Yacovone)

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