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Various recordings & videos

Bob Probert & Joey Kocur: "The Bruise Brothers" (A- to A+ image, A- to A+ sound):

Tons of real Hockey Fights by those two enforcers of the Detroit Red Wings. Bob Probert is the king of fights in hockey, see his incredible fight with Mr. Coxe of the Vancouver Canucks! Watch Joey Kocur knocking out a few guys with his brutal right hand. Most fights are with great quality image/sound (original live description)(2h)

"Penalty to number 24, BOB PROBERT, 5 minutes for fighting".

2 hour compilation of the greatest hockey fights from the 70's to the late 90's (B+ to A+ image, B- to A+ sound):

This tape is featuring some really furious fights, a few guys left the ice unconscious or very bloody! The quality is pretty good in general, of course some old recordings are not as good but absolutely watchable. Bob Probert, Tie Domi, Terry O'Reilly, Marty McSorley, Chris Murray, John Kordic, Chris Simon, Rob Ray, only tough guys here. You'll even see Goalies fighting (Patrick Roy included!), you'll see all the Boston Bruins players fighting with the fans in the crowd at the Madison Square Garden, A general fight between Montreal and Boston (police and fans involved).

4 hour compilation of the greatest hockey fights of the New York Islanders (A image, A sound):

This collections is on 2 DVDs, amazing fights from the 80's to the recent years, with obviously tons of fights involving the New York Rangers their biggest rivals. The opening brawl with Boston is pretty memorable too, killer compilation!



Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Honeymoon video:

around 60 minutes long, low generation; very clear image and very good sound. Email me if interested. (XXX!) Click here to go Back to the previous page

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