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    .:: GUNS N' ROSES mp3's ::.

    On this page you can find some rare unreleased sound and sometimes video clips of GNR.

    Let's start with cool video of Guns N' Roses live at CBGB's, New York, 1987. On this video, GNR are playing ONE IN A MILLION and USED TO LOVE HER, this is very early stuff, way before GNR Lies came out. I have the whole show on DVD but I'm glad I found this clip from it online for you to see. Watch and listen to the songs in their primitive version

    Click on the picture to watch this piece of history!

    Now, a cool guitar solo taken from a concert in Oklahoma City in 1992. It's the guitar solo of Slash during Knockin' on Heaven's Door, I really like this one, the one he did the next day in Chicago was actually better but the sound quality on Oklahoma is superior. Here you go:

    .:: Slash guitar solo in Knockin on Heaven's Door ::.

    Next, an interesting blues jam from December 1987, Basically just Slash and the band playing some blues then around 3:18 Axl comes and tell an interesting story about their previous night while the other guys keep playing blues. Great stuff:

    .:: 1987 Blues Jam: Guns N' Roses ::.

    Here is another blues jam from a show in California late 1987. This one is instrumental and probably that no one at the show was expecting what they were about to witness! Fans of Slash you will absolutely love this download. The band just follow a typical blues pattern, Izzy does a great job and Slash just go at it on his Les Paul! Really inspired spontaneous piece of guitar playing. One of my favorite moments of GNR live.

    .:: Another Blues Jam from 1987: Guns N' Roses ::.

    New Clip, and a good one! Slash playing Hey Joe to introduce Hendrix to the British Hall of Fame, check it out:

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