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    The beginning of the story:

    In 1991-1992, When Guns N' Roses were very popular, i was only 12 or 13 years old and unfortunately i was not interested by music! But now the situation is very different!

    HOW DID I DISCOVER THE GUNS N' ROSES MUSIC? First, i remember that during an English class in 1996, the teacher asked this question: "According to you, what is the best song ever?" A lot of songs and of artists were mentioned: Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors (you know, it was my favorite band before and i still like this band), Etc.... But one guy said that the best song was "NOVEMBER RAIN" of Guns N' Roses. It kinda surprised me a little because it was not very old and I remembered that it was a very popular song a couple of years before. It's nothing important but i still remember it so i guess that was the real beginning of the story as far as I am concerned!

    A couple of days later, i heard a song on the Radio. On that song there was a guitar solo that was so good! Then, at the end of that song (when slash is playing fast and axl is saying "Don't you know that you need somebody, everybody need somebody, you're not the only one...") i said: "Hey, this November Rain, i remember this song! This is so good!". Then, during the same weekend, i saw the video of that song of TV (I was lucky because they never play GN'R on TV!). And i fell in love with that song! i was running all over the house to find a tape to record it, so i had the end of the song on the first tape i found. (unfortunately i erased a great Jimi Hendrix live song at the same time!)

    So i went to the record store and i looked for the Guns N' Roses CD with November rain on it. So I bought "Use Your Illusion 1". I listened to it and i was not crazy about this album. I found that 'Don't Cry" was great but the rest of the album was not my kind of music (I have to admit that at first i was really disappointed of this album!). But i listened to it a couple of times and i started to like some songs like "The Garden", "Double Talkin Jive", "Back Off Bitch" and "Dead Horse". And the more i listened to this album, the more i liked it.

    But a couple of weeks later, I turned on the radio, a song was playing and there was an awesome guitar solo. I said: "Hey, it's similar to Slash's guitar solos on my Guns N' Roses album". Then when the guitar solo was over it was "Where do we go, where do we go now". So i knew that it was Guns N' Roses! So i bought another album: "Appetite For Destruction".

    Then i listened to my new album and i discovered a lot of great songs. Sweet Child O'Mine, of course, but also a long song called "Paradise City" WOW! What a song! And also "Out Ta Get Me", a song full of energy. And all the album was great, Nightrain, Rocket Queen, Mr. Brownstone, Welcome to The Jungle, Think about you, My Michelle, etc... This album is so great! By the way, this album, released in 1987, became the best debut for a band in music history!!! The best seller for a first record! More than 21 millions copies of this album have been sold now! This is an album to have! For some reason it took me a while to get into the last song (Rocket Queen) but right now it's one of my very favorite song ever.

    So, at that time, GN'R was my favorite band. After "Appetite For Destruction", i bought "Use Your Illusion 2" without knowing anything from it; it was just a guess. I put that CD in the CD player but before i looked inside the little booklet to see how long is each song. I saw: "11- Estranged, 9:22". I like long songs like November Rain, Coma and Paradise City so i was happy to find another long song. then i listened to the song #11. OH! WOW! I was so happy. This song was so great! It was the first time that i heard that song and it was my favorite song! I loved it immediately. This song is so good! I love this song so much. This is the best Rock N' Roll song ever in my opinion.

    And the rest of the album was great too. Civil War, Locomotive (another great long song), Breakdown (very cool one), Pretty tied Up (great guitar solo!!!), You could be Mine, Knockin' on Heaven's door (a fantastic cover of Bob Dylan's song), etc...Only one exception, "My World". I don't like this song, and I'm not the only one. but it's just a "less than 2 minute" song on a 76 minute album so...!

    This is one thing that i like about the 'Use Your illusion' albums, they are long, 76 minutes each! You know, it's not easy to find a longer CD!

    Then i bought "GN'R Lies". On this album there is a fantastic acoustic song called "Patience" and this is one of my favorite. I like the 4 acoustic songs on this albums; "Used to love her" is my second favorite on this album. The "G" side of the cassette is pretty good too, especially "Mama Kin", an Aerosmith song (Aerosmith is another band that i really like).


    The last album i bought is "The Spaghetti Incident". This is a punk cover album so there is no GN'R songs of it. This is not my favorite album but it's a good album. The song "Human Being" is my favorite on it. I also like songs like "Ain't it fun", "Raw Power", "Since i don't have you", "Hair of the dog", etc.

    In 1994, Guns N' Roses released their version of the Rolling Stones' Song "Sympathy for the Devil". I have it too and it's great! Both the original and the GNR version are masterpieces.

    More recently, i bought 2 video tapes: Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion World tour 1992, live in Tokyo, part 1 & 2. These 2 tapes are ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!! If you don't have it, go buy it, it's too much good ! On these tapes there is a 9 minutes 'Double Talkin Jive' and Slash is so awesome on it. There is also a great interpretation of 'Rocket Queen'. But the best song during this concert is 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door'. It's about 12 minutes long and It's .... too good ! The second Slash solo is so beautiful.

    Patience, Nightrain, The Slash solo & GodFather Theme (Can you imagine this: Slash playing the GodFather theme on guitar! awesome!!), and Paradise City are also among my favorite songs on these tapes.

    During April 1998 a very cool friend gave me 3 bootlegs audio tapes: Guns N' Roses live in Rio, Guns N' Roses Unwanted illusion and Guns N' Roses Unplugged. And this is 3 great tapes! that was my first contact with bootlegs and i liked that so much that now i have a big collection.

    Click on this picture of AXL to see the full & always updated description of my bootlegs (CD's, audio tapes, Videos).


    On my Guns N' Roses Live In Rio tape i love the Slash solo (very different from Tokyo solo). The live interpretation of Dead Horse is also great. And again, Knockin' on Heaven's Door is very good. Double Talkin Jive too, i love this song. there is a very cool transition from Double talkin' Jive to Welcome to the Jungle.

    Guns N' Roses Unplugged is great! My favorite songs on it are: "Dead Flowers", "You ain't the first", "Used to love her", "Patience", "It's alright" and "Knockin' on Heaven's Door". This acoustic version of Knockin' on Heaven's Door is.....EXCELLENT!!! With a great piano solo and a great guitar solo too. And the crowd sings loud! I love it! Now i have this on CD and the sound quality is perfect! could not be better!

    On Guns N' Roses Unwanted illusions there is a lot of songs that were new for me. "Crash Diet" is one of them and it's great, i love the last part of that song. "Sentimental Movie" with Slash and Duff on vocals is also a great song. The guitar solo and the end of the song are so good. Heartbreak Hotel is also very good.

    Okay i wrote that when i just got the 3 tapes but now i have many many CD's, video and tapes and if you want to read more about them, check my list. And YES, i could copy them for you. (I received a couple of e-mails about that!) If you're interested, e-mail me! I can sell or do trades.

    Also, i recently received another gift: A GN'R live in Paris videotape. The entire show, this is GREAT!!! Especially the Last song, as usual, "Paradise City". There is also some other artists on it like Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Lenny Kravitz.

    Me, I'm a real Guns N' Roses addict! I NEED to listen to them everyday! In the car, before sleeping, when I get up in the morning, when I cut the grass, when I go biking, at school, etc... And I'm always ready to listen to my video tapes of Guns n' Roses.

    Oh! I also have another Great CD! The Slash's solo album! This album is called "It's five o'clock somewhere" and the name of the band is Slash's Snakepit. (There is a couple of GN'R members in Slash's Snakepit: Slash, of course! and also Gilby Clarke (rhythm guitars), Matt Sorum (drums) and Dizzy Reed (keyboards). Duff McKagan, the GN'R bass player, also participated to this album but didn't play on it). Killer album.

    Ok, I received another bootleg recently: Guns N' Roses live in L.A. (L.A.Forum) 1991. And this one is a long one! 3 tapes, ~ 3½hours! This is another awesome concert. And it's fun when it's a long concert because they play songs that they don't play usually. For example, they play Locomotive, You Ain't The First, Right Next Door to Hell, Perfect Crime, Dust N' Bones, Out Ta Get Me, My Michelle... I also really really like the last song, Paradise City: It's a longer version, a little bit different! Double Talkin' Jive is always excellent, as well as the Slash's guitar solo & GodFather Theme. The sound quality is good! but Axl's voice is not always perfect. A very cool and long concert!

    The same day, I also received a VERY VERY COOL song! It's a studio demo version of "Don't Damn Me". Very hard to find! IT IS AWESOME. The music is almost identical as the album version but Axl vocals are different. And at the end it's really fun what he says: "OOOH OOHhooooh Oohhhhooooohhaaaaaoorrwww!!! Rock n' roll, everybody (laughing) now, yeah, smoke 'em if you got 'em, yeah, How are you doin' tonight? Alright!". I love this version of Don't Damn Me. The sound quality is almost perfect, the only bad thing is that there is a very little cut during the slow part of the song : (
    (~~~July 6th 1998~~~)

    Today i bought a new video for my collection!! Making F@ * king Videos, part I: Don't Cry. Here I have to say that I have seen the MTV video of Don't Cry only once before today. So at first we can see the entire video with the song. After that they show how they filmed every scene. It is very very interesting and also funny. And it's so cool as background sound you have GN'R songs, including Shadow of Your Love, Heartbreak Hotel, and also a great demo version of Don't Cry. I realized how much work, time & money was spent for this video. It's a 60 minute videotape. At the end of the tape there is another video of Don't Cry with alt. lyrics: But for this second video we only see Guns n' Roses performing the song (With Shannon Hoon) on the top of a L.A. Building. If you like Guns N' Roses, i think that you should buy it! I really enjoyed this video and i will continue to enjoy it a lot of times! And i will buy the 2 others (November Rain and Estranged) very soon!(~~~July 6th 1998~~~)

    I just received 2 awesome CD's! They are really really GREAT!!!! On one of these CD's, there is 9 songs from GN'R live at the Ritz, N.Y. 1989. The sound quality of these songs is almost PERFECT! As great as the Tokyo videos! And the GNR performance was great!!! I also have on these CD's a lot of other rare songs: demos, b-sides, live stuff ... from different bootlegs. Among these awesome songs, there is a superb Blues Jam and Slash is wonderful on it! And this beautiful November Rain "Piano only" version is so beautiful! The sound quality of these CD's is better than everything i have on tapes. I am very happy to have this unique compilation of 140 minutes!

    Look at these 25 songs that i have on these CD's:

    CD ONE
    Out ta get me
    Sweet Child O'Mine
    My Michelle
    Knockin' on Heaven's Door
    Welcome to the Jungle
    Paradise City
    Mama Kin
    Rocket Queen
    Always on the Run (GN'R & Lenny Kravitz live)
    Sentimental Movie
    Crash Diet

    CD TWO
    Shadow of Your Love
    Don't Cry (beautiful demo!)
    Heartbreak Hotel
    Dust in the wind
    November Rain (acoustic guitar)
    Nov. Rain (piano)
    Whole Lotta Rosie
    Knockin' on Heaven's Door Unplugged
    Bohemian Rhapsody (with Elton John; live)
    We will rock you (live)
    Salt of the Earth (live; with the Rolling Stones)
    The Garden (Early version (Axl sings Alice Cooper's part)
    And the awesome "Blues Jam" (7 minute long approx.)

    It's possible for me to find a guy to make CD copies of this! This is so good, i can't keep it only for me! Let me know if you're interested! (~~~September 29th, 1998~~~)

    I got a lot of Guns N' Roses stuff lately!! First, i finally found some GNR t-shirts with the UYI covers on them!! I love them! and i received some great videos: Chicago 1992, Deer Park 1991, Felt Forum 1989, Making of November Rain, Melbourne 1988 and Okahoma City 1992!!

    My favorite is definitely the Chicago video, let me tell you about this one!! It was an Awesome concert. I mean more than 3 hours long!! During this show they played COMA !!! Very rare!!!! This is the best GNR show i saw so far. Axl's voice was terrific and Slash was unbelievable! Usually he's unbelievable but that night it was even better!!!! Here's what they played: Nightrain (i loved it!), Mr. Brownstone, then Axl talked for a while to the crowd about his family and about what he said in the Rolling Stone magazine... He talks for maybe 6-7 minutes! Then they play Live and Let Die, Attitude, It's so Easy, Wild Horses, Patience, Double Talkin' Jive motherfucker!, Civil War (after that song Axl talk about all the "pot smokers rock-n-roll critical judgemental fuckheads" that he's seeing into the crowd, pretty funny!), Welcome to the Jungle, November Rain, You Could be Mine, Drum Solo, Guitar solo (very very cool one!!!! Slash used his red guitar that he used during You Could Be Mine, there is a blues section with Teddy "Big Bag" "Zig Zag"!) and then the Godfather Theme, Coma, Don't Cry (With Shannon Hoon), Bad Obsession, Sweet Child O'Mine, Knockin' on Heaven's Door (*), So Fine, Move to the City, Estranged and Paradise city (unfortunately this song is cut! Impossible to find the complete song!!)

    I put a (*) next to Knockin' on Heaven's Door because it's the best version i have ever heard!!! It's very very long, 15 minutes approx. And the second guitar solo is my FAVORITE guitar solo! The best ever!!!! Over 3 minutes long, it's so wonderful!!!

    And the cool thing about this video, is the awesome quality!!!! The image is excellent and the sound quality is almost Perfect!!!!! I was very surprised to see the excellent quality of this video!!

    My others videos, i received them in the last days, and i haven't watched all of them yet! But i did watch Deer Creek 1991, with Izzy, and it's also very very good! The quality is not as great as the Chicago video but it's great. GNR played songs like Perfect Crime, Right Next door to hell, 14 years and dust n' bones on this video!! (~~~ Decemeber 7th 1998, 9:50am~~~)

    Ok the stuff i wrote on this page is not really up to date, since then i got many many new CD's, videos, shirts, posters, autographed stuff.... I even received an autographed picture from Slash himself dedicated to me! you can learn more about the new bootlegs on my bootleg list, because i update that list often and this page well,... not really often! (~~~July 21st 1999~~~)

    Yes, this page is definitely ridiculously not up to date at all but oh well, at least it's funny! (~~~December 27th 2000)

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