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    Slash, VR, Guns N' Roses (Especially the early period 85-90)Rules!!!! the new guns n roses shit SUX!!! I shouldn't be called Guns N'Roses. (Ulle, Norway, March 2006)


    This was a superb site for me...but I have to say that G n R sux... (Tommy, Sweden, March 2006)
    I thought this was a funny comment!


    OMG I LOVE GNR!!!!! They are like the BEST Band ever!!!!!OMG it is soooo awesome that i am finding so many people who like them! :) (Jennifer Boggess, March 2006)


    I just want to say I agree with you about this Axl suit. Axl was always so explosive and destructive with GNR. I have only heard that Slash is quiet, a bit shy, very polite and does not lose his temper. I have never read an interview from Slash where he has said anything bad about anyone. And in all honesty, Slash has made 3 albums and had 2 Snakepit bands and Velvet Revolver. Axl has taken 10 years to release an album with a reorganized band. So who really is the talent here?

    Please don't get me wrong. I am a huge (old) GNR fan. I think they were great. But Velvet Revolver is brilliant. Scott has an amazing voice, Duff and Slash have grown so much and it shows. I will always love the GNR explosion and force, but Velvet Revolver has become my favorite. Slash is by far my favorite entertainer - thank God for making him!
    (Terri Eder , March 2006)


    I just went to your sight. Oh my gosh, you actually met Slash! He's my idol too. He's the one who inspired me to play guitar. I can't believe he signed your guitar! That's so cool! If I ever saw him in person though I'd probably drop dead or faint... Lol... (GuitarPlayer, March 2006)


    I just cant get enough of gnr and listen it the whole day. I also met slash and izzy at a gnr concert a long time ago, 1990 I think, it was so great, I will never forget this !!! G 'N F' R forever !!!!! my icq number is 210308261 maybe someone add me and we can talk about slash and gnr ! ps this website is great !!!! (Hotzi, Germany, December 13, 2005)


    Hey everybody at the middle europe. One day-July 29,2005, one place-Prague, one show-Black Sabbath,Velvet Revolver, Soulfly. This is first chance to see slash live after ten years. I'll be there.!!! (Majo "Bimbo" Pilc, June 2005)


    Guns and roses are the best ever!!!!! velvet revolver rock too but no one can beat g'n'r they redesigned rock and roll, it's sad they broke:< but i still love them rock on !!!!!!!!!! (Stacey Gannon, Sept. 2005)


    Here's an interesting guestbook entry i got, I'm not too sure what this person is talking about but it's interesting! The person is very mad at Slash yet he/she loves his music...

    Friday 08/11/2006 1:59:39am
    Name: AXL'S ADDICT
    Location: SPACE is the PLACE
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Comments: I thought that Slash was too f**king cool (for his solos,style,attitude...all of him) to be descrived with words.... I was wrong!!!! Slash can be a great musician but for the rest he is a f**king d**k-head!!! I readed somewhere that he said something as "I left GNR out of love" How does he dares to speak about love? Shut & f**k up!!! Did somebody who abandon a very good friend when this friend is broken down really understood what real love is? F**k you Slash!!! How could he leave behind AXL when HE needed his friendship & support the most? Slash hurted AXL when HE was already in pain,Slash pushed AXL even more down in the black hole of depression when HE needed a hand to climb back out of it... But one thing is for sure:in this world what goes around comes around...
    Favourite GNR member: AXL ROSE
    Favourite Slash's Snakepit songs NEITHER CAN I-BE THE BALL
    Favourite GNR album: Use Your Illusion 1, Use your Illusion2


    Name: plokso
    Location: Maine
    Comments: VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!! I have been waiting for 2 months to go see this band!!! At the last minute the concert was canceled,reason was when the band found out they could not drink on stage they canceled the concert. They had everything all set up,stage,lights,etc.... I am just a small town girl wanting to see my favorite band. Tomorrow,I will smash all my g & r's cd's and will never listen to them again. I had the night all planned out with my husband,it was suppose to be a fun time but turned into a nightmare!!! :( (November 8, 2006)

    I think the drink issue is not really the problem, its just a lame excuse, GNR could drink in plastic cups instead of glass bottles, I think the main problem was the low ticket sales, Axl without GNR can't sell out venues in smaller places, he should think about it before, but no, too bad, the result is disappointed fans like you. sorry to hear that.


    "Worst concert ever!"
    I am writing in regards to GNR's last performance in Ames, Iowa, this past weekend. I was very disappointed that I and four other friends and I paid $59 per ticket only to walk out at 12:15 that evening thinking that he was going to stand us all up. I cannot believe that this band made us sit for over 4 hours listening to other bands many of us knew nothing about. Plus, I might add, they were pathetic on top of it.......................... I will personally never ever attend another concert by this band and I will definitely tell others not to waste their time. Had we all received our money back, we may have reconsidered the whole situation, but this was not the case...........................thumbs down to GNR for being so disrespectful to their fans! Never again!!!!

    Disatisfied and no longer loyal fans....................from Iowa (12-04-2006)


    I have to say, my hat is off to you, sir. I came across your site today while searching for a set list for a show from the G N' R / Metallica Stadium Tour in '92, and I'm quite impressed at the amount of time and care you've put into this site, and your VERY impressive bootleg/live collection!

    I was at the show on 10/3/92 in Pasadena, California. I was 18 years old, it was my first REAL concert, and I have to tell you it pretty much ruined me for live music. Metallica came on for a few hours first, fresh off the explosion of the Black Album, and had 85,000 people on their feet the entire time. The concert had been delayed for a few weeks due to James Hetfield's pyrotechics accident earlier in the year, and Metallica had hired a temporary guitarist to play while Hetfield sang vocals. The sound in the stadium was amazing. I don't know if you've ever been to the Rose Bowl, but it sits in this depression between all these hills, and the sound just reverberated through the valley and made for an amazing experience. Metallica played a great set, and as the lights went down after the first encore, the riff from "Enter Sandman" came through the speakers. Suddenly, the lights went up, and there was Hetfield playing the guitar for the first time since his accident. The crowd went INSANE.

    My friends and I went to see Guns N' Roses more than Metallica, but after Metallica played, we figured we'd spent all our energy and that G N' R would be anti-climactic. Andrew "Dice" Clay came on, and seemed fat, old, past his prime, and not funny. When he announced those famous words, "Guns and FUCKIN' ROSES!" the crowd exploded, and by the end of the first song we knew that we hadn't seen ANYTHING yet.

    Axl spent the entire show running up and down the stage like a squirrel on Ritalin. As each song would be played, they put the performance of Metallica further back in our minds. With the exception of the song from "The Spaghetti Incident" sung by Duff, the tempo of the show and crowd increased throughout the whole set, until the end with "Paradise City" and the outro, when we all walked out of the stadium as if we'd just been to a religious revival.

    No concert I've seen since has been able to come close to that experience.
    (Sid, California, April 2007)


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