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    Concert list updated (08-13-2011)

    On this page, you'll read what everybody who hasn't lived under a rock for 2 month knows: Chinese Democracy will actually come out next week. Also you'll read a crazy rumour about Slash possibly getting ready to join Axl on tour... I also did an update of the bootleg list, including adding 2 fantastic Freddy King DVDs. (11-15-2008)

    Watch you bleed, A new GNR book written by Stephen Davis just got released. Check it out! (09-14-2008)

    Steven Adler arrested in L.A. (07-21-2008)

    Concert list updated (05-01-2008)

    The News Section has been updated today with 2 new stories, one about Axl and Dr.Pepper and the other is about a new Slash video interview that just came out today, go watch it!! (03-28-2008)

    Velvet Revolver Breaking Up?? (03-22-2008)


    A very promising 500 page book about Slash is coming out in 2 weeks! Read an interview with Slash about it and pre-order your copy here. (10-13-2007)

    new show review available (06-13-2007)

    Check this new video footage of the old GNR off stage. Pretty funny stuff!!!(06-03-2007)

    A couple of news were added today in the news section. Go there to read about Izzy's new album, about Michael Monroe's latest comment about Guns n' Roses and about Slash's latest visit at Axl Rose's house. (06-02-2007)

    Today a very disturbing connection between a Guns N' Roses Song and the Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui read it in the news section. Of course there is no way a sane man would link GNR's music to such a brutal and stupid criminal action. Also today I did a significant update in the bootleg section, I recently got my hands on some shows that were previously documented as never recorded (GNR, Slash's Blues Ball, SRV, etc... (04-18-2007)

    Australian Tour announced, Read about it and learn where/when they will play. (04-04-2007)

    Press Relase: Hollywood Roses, GNR tribute band, releases debut album. Also updates in bootleg list. (03-13-2007)

    New addition: GNR Reunion rumour. (02-24-2007)

    There is 2 new additions in the news section today: New Japan dates announced and a news about Slash writing his autobiography. (02-23-2007)

    New African Tour Dates announced for Axl's "new GNR" (02-05-2007)

    There is 3 new articles in the news section today (01-25-2007)

    Watch a video of Velvet Revolver in studio recording their new album "Libertad" (01-21-2007)

    A series of pictures of Slash at his rockwalk induction (01-20-2007)

    Short video of Slash entering a nightclub in Hollywood on December 23 (12-30-2006)

    New Artworks were submitted to this GNR web site by fans like you. Please feel free to submit yours and I will put them on the site! (12-17-2006)

    Axl's letter to the fans announces several show cancellations and a new album release date: March 2007... (12-16-2006)

    What's new on the GNR site today? A new long article about the release (or non-release) of Chinese Democracy. Also I got an email from some unhappy fans from Iowa, I copied it in the Fan comments section. (12-05-2006)

    Well, Guess what, the new GNR album did not come out on 11.21.2006, no surprise. In the meantime, last night I saw an ex-snakepit band member performing for Skid row and it was quite good, go read about it!(11-23-2006)

    From the news section : A new recent Interview with Izzy Stradlin'. By the way, it seems like the release of Axl's album (scheduled for November 21) will be... um... *delayed* again. What a surprise!!! (11-19-2006)

    In the news section : Sebastian Bach describe listening to the album "chinese democracy" at Axl Rose's house (10-30-2006)

    While this is quiet these days, I would invite you to check out this video clip of perhaps the best live guitar perfomance ever caught on video besides Slash playing "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" live in Chicago 1992. Check this out, this is the incredible Stevie Ray Vaughan playing TEXAS FLOOD live in Toronto (El Mocambo) 1983. A pure guitar hero classic. Enjoy that and see you soon! (10.21.2006)

    Slash mention in the Wall Street Journal: I had this cool article mentionning slash in the Wall Street Journal (2-3 days ago) that I wanted to scan and post here but it seems like I threw it away, sorry. If someone has it, please send it in! Also, I updated the bootleg list today (10.14.2006)

    In the news section today: Velvet Revolver playing TONIGHT in Los Angeles and 2 articles about the release of Chinese Democracy

    Updated Guns N' Roses North America tour dates for 2006 and 2007, check the news. New show review also added. (09-28-2006)

    Axl Rose gives an interview on the radio (KROQ) (08-20-2006)

    Please visit the NEWS SECTION today for finally some new GNR US tour dates for 2006 and for another news about Axl Rose (08-15-2006)

    The "fans comments" section was updated today, I find some strange comments about GNR in my guestbooks sometimes, here's a new one! (08-12-2006)

    Recent pictures (4 pages) of Axl Rose and the band (+ Sebastian Bach) in England, August 2006 (08-04-2006)

    Axl Rose kicks out security guards from show in Birmingham (08-01-2006)

    Older News and Updates: click here

    email: rats_and_guns_n_roses@yahoo.com

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    October 13, 2011

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